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Friday, January 16, 2009

Tweeples to the Rescue!

Almost every time I do any video editing, something fishy happens to my computer...and it's dawned on me why. Lately I've been searching for new compression and conversion methods for my videos since I use a number of different cameras (my Flip, my Sony DV, my Logitec webcam, and my Cannon Powershot), I've got lots of great devices, but need to always change my editing methods. Make a long story short...I got ANOTHER VIRUS! Grrrrr..I was not smiling after downloading some conversion software from Youtube, which I thought was a trusted site! Another lesson learned.

The upside to this story is that my Tweeples came to the rescue! Thank you to @JohnHays @Thenardier and @Street3 who heard my cries of help and responded immediately! I took all of their knowledge, processed, and went to work. Instead of calling Geek Squad this time, I called @JohnHays who might as well be called Geek Sheriff :) He walked me thorough a step by step process that removed the nasty little bug, and got my computer into better shape than it was before. I was impressed! John was innately intuitive to what was going on with my poor little PC and spotted the problems as I went along with his phone tutorial. I don't know why Geek Squad couldn't do the same, but I can say that John Hays ROCKS!! :)

I am thankful for all my Tweeples..they always brighten my day, offer support, and come to the rescue whenever needed! Here's to YOU My Tweeples!
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